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Studio & Creative Services

Studio & Creative ServicesStudio & Creative Services

We provide a number of personal and flexible services, suited to your company’s needs:

  • Idea generation
  • Concept development
  • Brochures and promotional materials, design and origination
  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Product management
  • Brand/style development and promotion
  • Logo and graphic design
  • Promotional campaigns and materials
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Photoshop/image origination and retouching
  • Photography and video
  • Graphics design
  • Page layout and origination for printed and electronic media
  • Web technologies including site visual design and flash programming
  • Product concept generation, visualizations, CAD and proto-typing

We produce a variety of creative publications including brochures, newsletters, direct mail, and advertising, as well as services that incorporate corporate branding and re-branding; such as logo design and development, through to website design and development. All of our studio and creative services are designed with the aim of communicating your company’s message in a clear and effective way so that your target audience can understand your company image and values. This will result in a strong corporate image and sustained relationships, converting the reader into a buyer, and in turn converting the buyer into a loyal customer.

Photography & Video Services

We provide a number of personal and flexible services, suited to your company’s needs:

  • Photoshop/image origination and retouching
  • Photography and video

As well as providing studio, creative and imaging services for our own clients, we also provide these services to other creative agencies as KJB Photography, which operates as a separate freelance photography, video, production and prost production house. By doing this we can provide creative agencies with a range of photography, video and multimedia services. These services, provided by a team of passionate and dedicated individuals. Whether it be an employee or product photo shot, our services will strengthen your company’s image and how others perceive you.

We specialise in all forms of commercial and industrial photography including, factory, site, process and hazardous areas. We are fully up to date with HSE guidelines for personal protection and safe working allowing us to tackle your industrial photography projects. Clients include: Bede PLC, Speedrite UK, Keith Borer Consultants, Filtronic Defence & Filtronic PLC and many other industrial and commercial businesses.

Our imaging services include:

  • Studio / Location / PR / Corporate Communication photography
  • Location / PR / Communications / Short Film / Web and Electronic News Gathering video capture.
  • Scripting / Storyboard / Authoring and Directing services for video / audio content generation
  • Post production services for HD/SD video for web/DVD/broadcast use.

Visit our picture Galleries, YouTube video page, Audioboo audio content pages for some examples of our work.




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The STILTWALK® process is where we identify, investigate, innovate, implement and improve your organisations strategy, offering you guidance, direction and support on your path to success. We provide you with knowledge, experience and advice to help you create a vision, examine and explore available opportunities within your market, deliver a successful product life cycle, improve the teamwork within your organisation and formulate a focus area for the future, in order to achieve continuous growth.

We are based in the Darlington, Durham and Newcastle areas of the Northeast of England, but operate throughout the UK, Europe and the US on projects large and small.